Fighting for happiness – version 2

Fighting for happiness – version 2

A few days ago I made a blog entry referring to the “fighting spirit” of one of our sporting stars, commenting that there might be something we can learn from his efforts that’s relevant to happiness.

Today, I write once more on the topic of “fighting for happiness” but from quite a different angle.

The other day I went with my family to see the Shaolin Monk Warriors – experts in the art of kung fu fighting. They were, quite simply, amazing! I’ve rarely, if ever, seen such a combination of strength and flexibility; raw aggression and calm.

And once again, it prompted my thinking processes – can we learn something about happiness from this seemingly unrelated activity? And the answer, I think, is yes. I wonder if happiness depends on balancing ostensibly incongruous themes such as tension and relaxation; strength and vulnerability; activity and rest; assertiveness and passivity?

Happiness is, as I’m sure you all know, a complex “beast” and I can’t help but think it comes about via the appropriate combination of some of these factors (along with, I’m sure, many others).

As always, I’d love to hear your thoughts on this and/or any other related happiness topics. Happiness also comes from being actively involved so post your thoughts below…