Fighting for happiness

Fighting for happiness

I’m not really a tennis fan but as many of you would know the Australian Open has just started and there’s much interest in our local stars, as well as a few big-guns from overseas.

Last night, Lleyton Hewitt won his first round match after being down 2 sets to nil! Being vaguely familiar with his history I know that he’s famous for his “fighting spirit” and so even though he’s been injured and out of form many were not surprised by his determination and resilience last night.

On reflection this morning, and looking for a happiness angle on an interesting story, I wondered – how many of us fight for happiness the way Lleyton does for tennis victory? And what if we did?

I honestly believe most of us don’t work hard enough for our happiness. It’s too easy to sit back and wait for it to happen or, as others have said, to simply ‘stumble” upon happiness every now and then. But if we truly want to experience happiness more often I think we could all probably fight harder for it more often.

Fighting for happiness – sounds oxymoronic but I hope it at least provokes some thought.