The art of happiness

The art of happiness

What is happiness? A pay rise? Losing weight? Death by chocolate? An orgasm? “Yes, yes, yes!” I hear many of you say. But more on that in a moment.

The Dalai Lama onced mused that the search for happiness is our sole purpose in life. Comedian Bob Monkhouse reckons the search is over when you marry a girl for love and later discover that she has money. My friend Hank believes it’s winning the lotto.

But apparently both Monkhouse and Hank have it all wrong. Instead, a recent poll, which surveyed Illinois and British lotto winners, found that while winners did get an initial high from having more money in the pockets, it quickly wore off. After a few months the sudden millionaires were simply left with their usual range of happiness, but no happier.

So if money doesn’t give us happiness, what does? The answer, apparently, is sex…

Yep, money won’t bring you happiness, but a better sex life might.

This is the start of the Sydney Morning Herald’s ‘sam in the City” column.

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