Perspective and happiness

Perspective and happiness

Like many of you probably are too, I’m still acclimatising somewhat as I return to work from a holiday and relatively quiet period over Christmas and New Year. These few weeks were filled with relaxation, family time and not surprisingly, much happiness.

Now that I’m back at work, and striving to achieve the many and ambitious goals I’ve set for 2007, I’m determined not to loose that happiness (which would, of course, be disastrous – imagine Dr. Happy without happiness!).

And last night I was reminded of one of the best ways to achieve this – keeping things in perspective.

As I returned home after a busy and slightly challenging day I realised, after spending little more than 30-60 minutes with my wife and kids that happiness was everywhere. The stressors I’d been mulling over for the previous few hours were little more than that – work related stressors that affected only one part of my diverse life. Apart from a few relatively minor issues things at work are actually pretty good, so even in that domain perspective is something that would help my happiness.

So the lesson learned is that my happiness is much more than any one issue or any one problem. My happiness is so many things and will hopefully be present regardless of the ups and downs of any areas in my life.

Try, then, to keep this in mind in your lives and keep things in perspective – it’s a simple, but very powerful and effective strategy for boosting and maintaining happiness.