Say hello for happiness

Say hello for happiness

In several of my recent blog entries I referred to some of the happiness lessons I learned on my pre-Christmas holiday. One of these lessons was, quite simply, the realisation that saying hello increased happiness in all involved.

Where we stayed for a week was a beautiful, quiet place with no cars and minimal development. Everyone walked or rode bikes to get around. As such, you were frequently passing others in close proximity and because we were all on holiday there seemed to be a greater willingness to acknowledge the other person, smile and say hello (something that seems to happen less and less often in bigger cities).

Anyway, I realised I enjoyed this and that it contributed to my happiness (above and beyond the fact that I was away from the office, doing little but swimming and reading!)…so I decided to try it back home.

Over the last few days I’ve been nodding and saying hello to more people and I’ve found that they seem to enjoy the experience too. My happiness and their happiness…their closely linked and both positive affected.

Try it out where you live and/or work. It’s easy, costs nothing, and it’s guaranteed to enhance positive emotions, connectedness and of course, happiness.