Happiness and New Years Resolutions

Happiness and New Years Resolutions

Every New Years Eve millions of people make resolutions to be fitter, thinner, richer, happier or something else-ier! In the majority of cases these resolutions end up being nothing but…resolutions.

But that does not mean the act of resolving is not worthwhile. It is the passive approach to happiness that makes so many resolutions peter out, lost in the shuffle of life or abandoned due to lost motivation.

To read more click on the link below but make sure you do more than just read, and even just think about this interesting article. Do something. Actively pursue your happiness (and other) goals.

Make sure 2007 is not another year when your list of “things to do” does not become a reality. If you can do it on your own then good luck to you but if you need help, get yourself a Happiness Institute coach. It’ll be your best investment ever!

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