Happiness requires appreciation

Happiness requires appreciation

I’m often asked to help others understand how it’s possible to strive to achieve more and a better life but also, to enjoy the moment (two of the key principles we teach in our coaching and courses).

At The Happiness Institute we very much believe both of these are vital for health and wellbeing, not to mention (of course) happiness. It is crucial to set clear goals towards which you need to work every day; but it’s also crucial to enjoy what you have now.

Are these mutually exclusive?

Definitely not! It may be a bit of a challenging balancing act sometimes but its a balancing act we need all strive towards. Appreciating and being thankful for what you have now is very important and some might say this is a very appropriate time of the year to reflect on what we have and how lucky most of us are. But this does not negate the desire many of us have to achieve more.

So be thankful for what you have, certainly, but then use this as a launching pad to drive yourself towards whatever destination is meaningful for you. If you can find the right balance between acceptance and change you’re well on your way to finding happiness and satisfaction.