Choose to be happy in 2007!

Choose to be happy in 2007!

For those of you who’ve been around The Happiness Institute for a while you’ll be familiar with this but for those of you who’re new, give the following some consideration as you plan for a happy and healthy year in 2007.

At The Happiness Institute we sincerely believe that happiness is something you choose. And when we say choose, we really mean “CHOOSE”:

C = clarity and refers to havining specific goals

H = healthy living by which we mean eating well, exercising often and getting good sleep and rest

O = optimistic thinking which is pretty self-explanatory but sometimes easier said that done

O = others and recognises the importance of good quality relationships in our lives

S = strengths, things we should try to use as much as possible

E = enjoy the moment…that is, don’t forget to have fun along the way

As always, if you want to find out more about how to be happy and/or our happiness life coaching please feel free to contact us but in the mean time, have a great day, a great week and a great year!