Seven Habits of Highly Happy People

Seven Habits of Highly Happy People

In today’s “Perspective” section of the Australian Financial Review Deirdre Macken writes about “The Art of Happiness” – or the gospel according to the happiness gurus.

In short, she summarises seven key constructs each of which enhance happiness. These include:

– Gratitude

– Love

– Moving beyond materialism

– Hope and optimism

– Mindfulness and meditation

– Forgiveness

– Using your talents (or strengths)

And at The Happiness Institute we couldn’t agree more because this is, essentially, a short & succinct summary of what we teach in our coaching and courses, and what I’ve written about in my book, The Happiness Handbook.

So if you want to find out more about how you can make these strategies work for you – call or email now and we’ll help you find happiness in 2007.