Happiness Lessons from my holiday

Happiness Lessons from my holiday

I went on a beautiful environment walk with my family the other day and when we finished up, the guide asked the children what they’d learned. After hearing a number of wonderfully entertaining and educational stories about the fascinating flora and fauna, and after being lucky enough to see a goanna crawling through the scrub, I waited to hear what my kids had to say (if anything).

My son looked up and responded – don’t pull on the trees (an admonishment that’d been directed towards another young boy who’d been somewhat destructive during the walk!).

We all smiled thinking that this was the one thing that hit home out of all the guide’s commentary.

And then on further reflection I realised there was an important message in there. Happiness involves (at least in part) having a healthy respect for the environment. This could be considered, in some ways, as a form of spirituality which is indubitably associated with positive moods and higher levels of wellbeing.

So be happy and consider trying to derive at least some of your happiness from an appreciation of nature.