Happiness – it’s full on…and full off

Happiness – it’s full on…and full off

Just a few quick thoughts…

Today I had several meetings in Parramatta (Western Sydney) and for various reasons I didn’t drive there from the city but instead, caught the train. On the way out there I read the paper; but on the way back, although I’d taken some work to do, I simply stared out the window!

Now this might sound relatively unexciting on first reading but for me, and for many others in this busy, busy world taking time out to do (essentially) nothing is becoming an increasingly rare occurrence.

On reflection, I enjoyed it and on further reflection, I reminded myself that happiness requires some time out every now and then. Although I talk a lot about enjoying (and making the most of every) moment I think we could all do with some more relaxation and “nothing time”.

And I have no doubt that we’d experience more of the “low arousal” forms of happiness – such as calm, peace and tranquility – if we did.