Happiness Now!

Happiness Now!

It’s funny, you know…I was thinking the other day about many of the people with whom we work. Notably, although the people we coach and the organisations to whom we provide our services are incredibly varied and in many ways vastly different there is, I think, often a common thread.

Many of the people who come to us seeking more happiness are ambitious and successful.

Now you might think that those who’re successful and eager to achieve more might already be happy, and some of them are, but what these people have that impacts on the extent to which they experience positive emotions is a desire for more.

So even when they achieve much, and experience many wonderful things, they’re often saying to themselves – “OK, but I’ll be really happy when…[I have more money, more things, a better job, another partner etcetera etcetera.” They fall into the dastardly trap of always looking for happiness in the future.

But happiness can only ever be experienced in the here and now so to really enjoy life be present and appreciate what you have. There’s nothing wrong with working hard to achieve something meaningful but if you want to be happy don’t forget to be grateful for every step along the way!