Happiness and Thanks

Happiness and Thanks

I recently had an opportunity to visit an old employer of mine who was, in reality, far more than a “boss”. Although he was my direct manager for almost a decade (in various guises) he was also my mentor and undoubtedly the most significant person in my professional life.

I don’t often get over his way so it was great when a meeting was scheduled just around the corner from where I used to, and he still does work.

After chatting and catching up for 30 minutes or so I made a conscious effort to thank him for all he’d done for me. There were no trumpets blowing or angels singing but I can honestly say it felt great. I left feeling happy and content, pleased I’d let him know how grateful I’ve felt for all these years.

Is there someone in your life you’ve not thanked? Are there people who are not aware of the gratitude you feel towards them?

If so, do something now! It feels great (and I’m guessing they’ll feel happy about it too). Imagine doing this on a regular basis…I certainly plan to!