Be happy along the way

Be happy along the way

In previous Blog entries I’ve referred to research and provided my opinion that suggests (among other things) hard work leads to happiness and that happiness should be the ultimate goal. Well, I still believe these to be true but it’s also important to highlight some other research that has most definitely been supported by my clinical and coaching experience.

Most people find happiness comes more from the doing than from the achieving.

In some writings this is referred to the “pursuit” or “journey” of happiness – but I think these terms can be a bit deceptive and misleading. Happiness is NOT a journey because it won’t ever be experienced in the future. Happiness can only ever be experienced in the here and now!

Essentially, we now know that it is the experience of trying and doing things that makes us happy as opposed to the arrival at some destination. If you want to read a bit more about this click here.

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