Happiness – The Ultimate Goal

Happiness – The Ultimate Goal

I was participating in a conference recently that included a broad range of speakers who addressed a variety of topics. Like all conferences, the quality was varied so there were times when I must admit I ‘switched off” and instead of listening to the presentations, occasionally reflected more generally on the themes of the event.

In essence, some were talking about success, while others talked about achievement, satisfaction, love and even wealth. As my mind wandered I asked myself – Why do people seek success? Why do some want fame and fortune? Why do many desire a loving relationship?

And then it struck me – people work towards each of these because essentially, they want to be happy. If we’re in love and feel connected then we’ll be happy. Many believe, rightly or wrongly, that if they have enough wealth they’ll secure a degree of freedom…and then happy.

As far as I’m concerned happiness is surely the Ultimate Goal!

What do you think?