Be Grateful, Be Happy & Beat Depression

Be Grateful, Be Happy & Beat Depression

Continuing along the same theme as my last blog posting, I’ve continued to think a lot about how to ensure I remain appreciative and don’t slip back on to the easy to adopt bad habit of continually wanting more and always desiring what ever the “Joneses” have.

Some live their whole lives believing the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence. I argue, that if you think the grass is greener over the other side of the fence then spend more time tending to your own garden!

This is, however, easier said than done and it’s easy to forget how lucky we are. So here’re a few tips to make “counting your blessings” a regular part of your life.

1. Keep a diary beside your bed and every night, last thing before you turn out the lights, write down 5 things for which you’re grateful.

2. When you do this exercise, be specific (it’s not good enough to say “I’m grateful for my health (or the health of my loved ones)”. Elaborate – exactly why do you appreciate your good health?

3. Use reminders (stickers or notes) to help you regularly recall all the good things in your life.

4. Find a regular time during which you can reflect on all the good things in your life (e.g., on the bus or train in to work every morning, after you’ve organised the kids off to school etc.). Remember, you’ll only need about 5 minutes so “not having enough time” is not enough of an excuse.

These are just a few ideas. Tell us what you find helpful by responding to this post!