It’s easy to forget why we should be happy

It’s easy to forget why we should be happy

I’ve recently had two very close friends experience difficulties that although distressing for them (and indirectly for me) have indvertently proved a godsend. Without going in to too many details, one very close friend and his wife have again failed to fall pregnant, after considerable efforts, and another’s wife has just left him after 10 years of marriage and two children.

I found these events highly distressing for the most obvious reasons but particulatly because there was so little I could do (in fact nothing, really) to help either one of them (except try to be supportive).

At the same time, however and without wanting to diminish the unpleasant nature of these circumstances in any way there was, indirectly, a positive for me. And that is that they made me very much appreciate what I have: specifically, a beautiful and loving wife and two wonderful children.

But why does it often take something like this to remind us of what we have? Why can’t we be more grateful and appreciative more often?

Well, we can, and many people are. But many of us also need help to remember to “count our blessings”. If you can do this on a regular basis there’s no doubt you’ll be happier so try to find a way to remember (for your own benefit, and that of your loved ones). Finally, if you think you’d benefit from regular reminders of what it takes to be happy then check out our 90 Day Online Happiness Course by clicking on the relevant tab above. This cost-effective and convenient service sends lessons direct to your inbox so there’s no way you won’t remember what to do!