Beat Depression & Be Happy – It’s as Simple as ABC

Beat Depression & Be Happy – It’s as Simple as ABC

Hi again and welcome to another thought-posting.

I’ve been thinking a lot about the many questions I get asked about depression and happiness and in particular, many people’s assumptions that it’s “easier” to be unhappy than to be happy. I’m not sure why but this constantly baffles me as I know from having a thorough knowledge of the research literature, combined with years of experience working with literally thousands of individuals, that it is possible to control your mood and accordingly, it is possible to beat depression and to be happy.

Unfortunately, however, the process is often perceived as being very complicated so I’ve been thinking about how I can simplify it, hoping that by doing so more people would benefit and enjoy life. So here it is – my new simplified model for beating depression improving your mood!

As noted in the title of this posting, beating depression and being happy is as simple as ABC. In this case, ABC stands for:

A = Keep Active (we know that activity and exercise are very effective ways of improving mood)

B = Be Optimistic (we also know that positive, realistic thoughts are the drivers of happiness and the best way to overcome depression)

C = Decide to Take Control of your life (there’s no doubt that happy people feel they have more control and actively seek to control more of their lives.

So there it is – just think ABC and you can overcome depression and experience more happiness. Let me know what you think of this model and also, if you’re interested in finding out more about how you can apply these strategies check out the coaching options by clicking on the relevant tab at the top of this page or review our books and workbooks in the products section.