From Depression to Happiness

From Depression to Happiness

In a recent posting on our Happy Club Forum, I was asked why so many people find it easier to be unhappy than happy? And my response was (and is) that they only find it “easier” because they’ve learned unhelpful thinking patterns and unknowingly, practised these unhelpful patterns for years. If you do something often enough (including negative thinking) it becomes automatic – or easy!

The flip side of this is that if you learn, practice and then master more helpful thinking patterns you will find it easier to be happy.

So, here’s some simple tips for moving from depression to happiness:

1. Learn why you’re unhappy or depressed to begin with.

2. If you can’t do this on your own, get some help (from a family member, friend or even a professional).

3. Do something about it.

4. Change your thoughts.

5. Eliminate bad habits (such as self-defeating behaviours).

6. Develop more healthy and helpful thinking patterns and ways of doing things (e.g. get more organised)

7. Practice, practice and practice some more until it becomes automatic and easy.

So there you have it. 7 simple tips to move from depression to happiness.

I’m well aware, however, that achieving all this is not really as ‘simple” as it sounds so if you need some help or some extra guidance please feel free to check out our range of happiness products and happiness coaching services and courses. Just go to The Happiness Institute’s home page and then click on the relevant tab.