Why is happiness so hard to achieve?

Why is happiness so hard to achieve?

Many people ask my why happiness is so hard for us to achieve in this day and age. Many others aks whether it’s normal that many of us have to take “lessons” on how to be happy?

And my answer is usually along the lines of: happiness is hard for many people to achieve because they focus on the wrong variables!

Despite what many newspapers, glossy magazines, Hollywood movies and TV shows would have us believe, happiness does NOT come from wealth or income, or even material possessions such as fast cars of large plasma TV screens. It’s not directly associated with physical attractiveness or even intelligence.

Happiness is, unfortunately, very misunderstood and as a result, many people see it as elusive.

But happiness need not be elusive if it’s sought in an appropriate and realistic way. As we say at The Happiness Institute, achieving happiness requires nothing more than practicing a few simple disciplines on a daily basis.

Taking lessons in, or seeking help attaining happiness is not necessarily an indication of something problematic or of failure – no more so than needing to see an accountant for assistance with your financial or tax issues, a lawyer for help with legal issues or even a dentist for help maintaining the health of your teeth! Rather, it’s simply an indication that for whatever reason, you”ve not adequately learned the skills and disciplines that lead to happiness.

And just like you can get help learning to drive from a family member (e.g. your mother or father), a friend, or a professional; so too can you learn to be happier from a family member, friend or from a professional (such as those who provide the coaching and courses at The Happiness Institute).

Taking lessons in or attending courses that are designed to enhance happiness should, therefore, be seen as positive things to do. After all, they”ll lead to improved health, better relationships and all manner of other positive outcomes.