7 counterintuitive tips for more happiness

7 counterintuitive tips for more happiness

There are many things we can do to create and enjoy more happiness that are, if not simple, at least quite obvious.

If you’re wanting to enjoy more happiness then it’s no surprise to be told by the experts that you should take care of your health, foster positive relationships, work towards being more grateful and optimistic, and maybe even have more fun!

The list could go on but that’s not what this article is about; it’s about the LESS obvious happiness boosters, the hacks that create more positive emotions like happiness that might even seem counterintuitive.

Sound interesting? If so, read on …

  1. make mistakes (so you can learn and improve)
  2. seek out discomfort (so you can really experience life in all it’s glory)
  3. accept unhappiness (because fighting or denying it doesn’t help)
  4. be selfish (so you can be selfless)
  5. resist that which is easy and tempting (so you can do that which is meaningful and important)
  6. don’t be present (so you can plan for the future)
  7. be silly (because life’s far too important to take too seriously)!

We need to do the obvious things to be happy and successful in life BUT we also, at times, need to do the less obvious and even unusual things; because they can be just as, if not more helpful at times.