Be mindful of the arbitrary rules you set for yourself

Be mindful of the arbitrary rules you set for yourself

I know I’m not alone in finding it difficult, at times, to relax and to “do nothing”.

If not this, you probably have some other aspect of life you wish you could do better at.

But I just realised one thing about my difficulty relaxing … I find it easier on a Sunday; and I find it easier on a rainy Sunday (which it is today).

It’s almost as if the day or the week and the weather on that day allow me permission to act and feel a certain way.

But is that helpful?

These are, of course, arbitrary “rules”. There’s no reason I can’t try to feel calm and happy, to do less and to just be more, on any day of the week, and during any type of weather.

But this isn’t even the point of this post. Because these rules are partially specific to me. At the same time, however, I’m pretty sure that YOU have rules you tell yourself. And I’m also pretty sure you may not be aware of these rules, at least not completely. Yet these rules can have a significant impact on your happiness and quality of life, on your success in life and more.

So today, I invite you to pause and reflect on the rules you live be, on when you allow yourself to feel happy or relaxed, to be calm or confident, or for that matter, anything else.

Become more aware of these conditions you set for your happiness and then … ask yourself whether or not they’re valid or helpful?

If they are, then fine; but if they’re not … maybe it’s time to consider writing some new rules for happiness!