The Ultimate Test of a Life Well-Lived Comes Down to 1 Simple Principle

The Ultimate Test of a Life Well-Lived Comes Down to 1 Simple Principle

I’m always loathe to oversimplify.

But sometimes simple is good.

And if we can simplify what’s needed for health and happiness, for wellbeing and life success, well … wouldn’t that be a good thing!?!?

So, for a simple principle that may well be the secret to happiness and living well, read on …

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How will you want to be remembered when it’s all said and done?

Having done this rodeo called life for a few decades, I’ve learned that, as I get older, money is taking a backseat to other–more important matters. Like, how many people can I positively impact before I reach the end of the road?

Life is getting shorter, and I’m looking ahead to leaving a lasting legacy for generations after me to follow. So, how people truly feel about me as a person, entrepreneur, and influencer is pretty important at this career stage.

I have to credit Impostor Syndrome for pushing me forward. It helps to keep me sharp and accountable for bringing my best self out to the world every day.

Let’s face it, if your leadership, communication, attitude, and reputation are putting people off and your network is shrinking because of it, I don’t care how much money you make or how successful you think you are; you are falling way short of the bar for human excellence.

The ultimate test

That brings me to today’s headline. The ultimate test of a life well-lived comes down to a willingness to serve humanity and do good in the world so that others will remember you not by the size of your wallet, but by the size of your heart. And this overarching principle in action comes down to one word: LOVE.

That’s the ultimate test of how you have lived your life. The more you love others, the more it comes back to you. How does this practically play out in the business world? There are two ways to carry this lesson forward …

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