8 Radical Life Perspectives That Will Slap You Across The Face

8 Radical Life Perspectives That Will Slap You Across The Face

Happiness and a good life depends very much on how we think about the world around us.

What happens to us is obviously important; but how we interpret what happens is just as, if not more important.

This can be called mindset or optimism of quite simply, just perspective. Whatever you call it, it will play a very important role in your wellbeing and happiness …

via Your Tango by Akshad Singi

A perspective shift is one of the best feelings ever.

It’s exactly like switching the lights on in the middle of the night. At first, it’s uncomfortable. Blinding. It stings your eyes. But then, slowly your eyes adapt to it. And you see everything better.

Most people don’t want to see things in a new way. They can’t handle the initial discomfort that comes with such shifts. But I love them because they help me get closer to the truth. Hence, I actively chase perspective shifts to constantly reinvent the way I see the world.

So far, I’ve experienced many such shifts. But these eight really slapped me across the face.

Here are 8 radical life perspectives that slapped me across the face:

1. The goal is to be so unique that it’s an insult to compare yourself to others

I found this on Zat Rana’s website.

Since we were born, we’ve been in environments that breed comparisons. In school, we were told to push ourselves to be the class topper. Then on social media, we started comparing our lives with others. In our offices, we began comparing our salaries and positions to others.

Yet this model is broken. If only the best and the brightest can find happiness, only the top 1% of the world would be happy.

A better model is what Zat suggests: we must try to build a life so unique that it cannot be compared to the lives of others. This is better because there are unlimited ways to live unique lives; and such a model boasts happiness for everyone, not just the top few.

So starting today, stop trying to be the best. And try to be different, and live a life unique to your true self.

2. You owe your parents a lot, but not your entire life

Most of us look up to our parents. And we should. They’ve made so many sacrifices to raise us. But I think most people make the mistake of believing that they owe their parents their whole lives.

It’s partly because of the culture we’ve created. We’re told to never disobey our parents because they’re older and they want and know what’s best for us. To which, I call bulls***.

Yes, most parents want what’s best for their children. But I don’t think they know what’s best for them.

Since we’re told never to disobey our parents, many people blindly listen to their parents. Kids do what their parents want them to do, instead of doing what they want to do. Obedience, they think, is a virtue and they try to uphold it.

But most people end up being sad and frustrated with the decisions their parents took for them, and consequently, they end up resenting their parents.

This is why, I believe that you owe your parents a lot, but not your whole life. I think it’s better to disappoint your parents today (by choosing what you want in life as opposed to their wants) and still love them, instead of being obedient today and resenting them tomorrow…

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