8 “P”s for Positive Life Change

8 “P”s for Positive Life Change

The thing about happiness is that it’s always changing.

At least, what it takes to create happiness will change as life changes and as you mature and grow.

Positive change, therefore, is vital for happiness and life satisfaction and the good news is there are ways we can create and maintain positive change to maintain long-term happiness …

via Psychology Today by Jim Taylor


  • Positive life change is challenging, but many strategies can be used to catalyze it.
  • A specific foundation of values, attitudes, and beliefs is what makes personal growth strategies effective.
  • Approaching change in a positive way makes one more willing to take the necessary leap of faith.
John Hain/Pixabay, Used with permission

John Hain/Pixabay, Used with permission

Positive life change is just plain hard. If anyone tells you otherwise, they are probably trying to sell you something. But positive life change is possible and decidedly worth the effort. What could be more meaningful, rewarding, and downright joyful than letting go of past liabilities and limitations and becoming the best version of yourself—the person you truly want to be?

The self-help industry offers an immense number of strategies you can use to catalyze positive life change, with varying degrees of demonstrated effectiveness. At the same time, to implement any of these techniques without a foundation of values, attitudes, and beliefs about the journey that lies ahead is like beginning a drive to a planned destination without being sure that your car is tuned and its gas tank is full. To help you establish that foundation for making the changes you want in your life, I share with you my eight Ps for positive life change.


We humans tend to be guided by the hopes, expectations, and goals we embrace. If there is something we really want and we believe we can get it, we’re more likely to put in the time and effort to achieve it. Conversely, if you don’t, you won’t. As Henry Ford once said, “If you don’t believe you can do something, you’re right.” This basic belief begins with having a positive attitude toward the change you want to make in your life. If you’re positive, you will likely have hope that you can make the change you want and trust yourself to do what is necessary to accomplish your goal.

Having a positive and hopeful attitude about the change doesn’t mean that you are certain you will make the change. If the shift is at all significant, there never is absolute certainty. At the same time, when you approach the change in a positive way, you are more willing to take the leap of faith and put in the effort necessary to do everything in your power to get where you want to go.


Meaningful change of any sort isn’t likely to happen if you don’t have a healthy perspective about what it will take to effect that change. That healthy perspective begins with the realization that it will take considerable effort. It also involves recognizing that change doesn’t come easily; rather, you will need to commit considerable effort and energy to it. With this perspective, you begin the journey of life change with a clear understanding of both the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead…

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