12 Overlooked Ways to Improve Your Success

12 Overlooked Ways to Improve Your Success

There’s no doubt success can contribute to happiness.

There’s also no doubt that happiness is a form of success.

Either way, regardless of how you define these terms, there’s much we can learn from the research into success when it comes to creating more happiness…

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  • Lessons from failure pave the road to success.
  • Talent is not enough to succeed.
  • A winning mindset can help you achieve your goal.
  • We all have challenges. How we choose to react makes all the difference.
John A. Russell/Courtesy of Scott Hamilton, used with permission.

Source: John A. Russell/Courtesy of Scott Hamilton, used with permission.

Winning is a choice. Talent is not enough. Hard work is insufficient. It’s a combination of natural abilities, work ethic, and ecosystem.

Olympic champion figure skater Scott Hamilton was not destined to win, but he’s repeatedly finished first in his career. Born with a severe childhood illness, he spent most of his formative years in a hospital. His mother died when Scott was a teen, and he beat testicular cancer followed by three bouts of brain cancer. Throughout all of it, he’s kept his upbeat personality, always focused on the next goal (even doing back flips on the ice long after he retired from skating) and doing his part to make a positive mark on the world. Spend five minutes with Scott Hamilton and you will see that the positive attitude exudes from every pore of his body.

In his book Finish First, Scott shares, “Winning isn’t something that happens to you but something you build, something you fight for, a way of living that dictates everything about how you do your life.” That attitude helped him win the gold medal, beat cancer, and surround himself with an incredible community.

So what are the lessons on winning that we can learn from an Olympic champion who affected millions with his can-do attitude, not to mention his Olympic gold medal?

  1. Curate your ecosystem. Surround yourself with people who are better than you, and you will see your work product and work ethic improve. You will start to set new and higher expectations for yourself and work to meet these new goals.
  2. Losing is the main ingredient to success. If you aren’t losing, you are not taking enough risks. You have untapped potential still inside of you.
  3. Stop, take a pause, watch, and listen. Block out the negative voices and pay close attention to your natural capabilities and talents…

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