7 life lessons everyone should learn sooner rather than later

7 life lessons everyone should learn sooner rather than later

via the Ladders by Nicolas Cole

Life lessons are full of wisdom because they often have to be learned the hard way.

However, the hardest part about that process is realizing that sometimes not every opportunity lasts forever.

You finally “get it” long after the fact.

If possible, it’s best to learn these things sooner rather than later.

1. If you want to “do what you love,” you have to work three times as hard as everyone else.

Most people do not get to spend their lives doing whatever it is they love.

Instead, they do what they are told they should do, or what their parents or town or friends or peers suggest that they do. Or they simply pursue nothing close to their heart at all.

But if you want to “do what you love,” you need to see that as a privilege, not an expectation.

Those people are not the majority.

So if that’s what you truly want, you have to put in the work now.

2. Beneath anger is always fear.

Whenever we suffer, especially for long periods of time, at first we believe it is because of something outside of us — something we hate. And if we make it past that emotion, we find below that hate is a rumble of anger, and certainly something we have held on to for far too long.

But beneath all of that is always fear.

A fear of loss.

A fear of vulnerability.

A fear of letting go.

But if you can get to the point of acknowledging the fear, you will see its lighthearted shadow, compassion.

And you will be able to move forward.

3. Our everyday habits form our future selves.

What you do today is one more action toward who you will be tomorrow.

When that action is replicated over the course of a week, you begin to scratch the surface of change.

When that action is replicated over the course of a month, you begin to notice a slight difference.

When that action replicated over the course of a year, or two years, or five years, you may no longer recognize yourself — you will have changed, in that particular way, completely.

Do not underestimate the power of each and every small habit, replicated over time.

For good or bad, your habits determine who you will ultimately become…

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