9 out of the box things that make you happier

9 out of the box things that make you happier

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“As Americans, we often think that things, especially the getting of things, make us happier whether that’s a new car, shoes, new nail polish, or something else,”  says Taylor Martin, Virtual Life Coach.

While those quick happiness boosters might seem materialistic, according to research led by social psychologist Daniel Gilbert, those quick hits of happiness might not be far off from what we need for long term satisfaction.

Having quality, new experiences not only makes us happier but the effects of happiness linger for a longer period of time. Ultimately, this provides a better quality of life when implemented frequently. 

Looking to switch up your routine and experiences to increase your level of happiness?

We spoke to a handful of life coaches and medical doctors to get their insights on some of the easiest to implement, out of the box experiences that will make you happier.

Choosing passion over a big paycheck

In a recent study by BetterUp Labs, nine out of ten people surveyed said they’d trade up to 23% of their future earnings in exchange for a more meaningful job—and what’s more, studies have shown that if you’re working on something you find both challenging and satisfying, you’ll not only be happier but more productive as well.

Volunteering and helping to others

“One of the first things that come to mind when talking about happiness is the importance of giving,” says Dr. Lina Velikova, MD, PhD. To some, it may be surprising to learn that serving others can make you happy but volunteering is a perfect example of this.

When oriented at others, it helps with mental and physical health. Multiple studies have confirmed the benefits of volunteering that include improved life satisfaction, self-esteem, and happiness.

“It is also notable for reducing psychological distress, symptoms of depression, and mortality.” Dr. Velikova added.

Indulging your senses

“By just observing a flower and using all of our senses to fully experience the flower we allow ourselves to release the endorphins that trigger our feeling of joy,” says Taylor Martin, Virtual Life Coach, adding that it’s not only the act of savoring but the mindfulness that is required.

“Having to focus on all of our senses, even just for a minute, requires our minds to focus on one specific situation.”

This focusing relieves our mind from thinking about other weights that it may carry throughout the day…

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