Achieve your goals with this one, simple habit

Achieve your goals with this one, simple habit

Health, wellbeing, happiness and success … they all, in one way or other, require setting and working towards meaningful goals.

Even if, as in the case of happiness, you see the journey as more important than the destination … it’s still about achieving relevant processes.

Accordingly, this article via the Ladders may well be of interest…

by Mayo Oshin

Whenever we plan a vacation, there are usually different routes to the final destination.

Some routes have a longer journey time, but could also be more convenient — and vice versa.

Typically, we choose the most convenient and efficient route, that helps to make the rest of the vacation easier.

Likewise, you could also use similar ‘routes’ to make it easier to achieve your goals and transform your life.

These are “Keystone Habits” — habits that create a domino effect leading to new actions, behaviors and habits.

Instead of trying to achieve all your goals at once — leading to burnout and failure — why not create your own “keystone habits” to get more done by doing less?

Let’s discuss more on how to do this…

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