11 skills we should ALL learn for more happiness

11 skills we should ALL learn for more happiness

via the Huffington Post by Ann Brenoff

1. How to count to 10.

Anger isn’t your friend. In fact, learning to control it could add years to your life. A study published in the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health in 2014 found that angry, argumentative people lived shorter lives. Besides, nobody really likes that guy who screams at the waiter because the soup is too salty, now do they? Don’t be that guy.

2. How to play nice with strangers.

Be the guy who lets the other driver cut in your lane. Give up your seat on the subway for someone who needs it more. Doing nice things for people makes us feel better. In fact, studies show that those who volunteer reap health benefits that may help them live longer.

3. How to be content.

You have what you have and that’s what you have. The acquisition of things rarely raises our happiness quotient, but the quest for them certainly lowers it. Science says that while we know material goods don’t matter as much as life experiences, some of us get trapped in a rat race of competitive acquisition…

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