Forget about “to do” lists…master the art of the “done” list!

Forget about “to do” lists…master the art of the “done” list!

We've all done "to do" lists. 

And there's no doubt that have an important and useful role to play in terms of producing efficiency and productivity. 

But it may well be more useful, especially from a happiness and satisfaction perspective, to turn things upside down. Rather than listing what you're intending to do what would happen if you listed what you actually did do? 

Check out this great article by Janet Choi

The Art of the Done List: Harnessing the Power of Progress

From carpenters to sculptors, makers end each workday with a physical object looking different than it did that morning. But what if you’re a knowledge worker? How do we know our level of progress when the fruits of our labors can be easily and quickly buried by our next task?

Maintaining your motivation is a difficult battle, especially when you feel paralyzed by a crushing list of action items and projects that seems longer at the end of each day. The solution? Make a “done list.” Making one is simple:

  1. When you do anything you consider useful, however small a win it may be, write it down on your done list. Alternatively, wait until the end of the day to make your list.

  2. At the end of the day, look over your list. Reflect on and celebrate everything you finished and shipped.

  3. Review regularly — in the mornings to kickstart your day, or every week, month, year, or simply whenever you need a dose of perspective.

The simple act of pausing to reflect and acknowledge your efforts provides valuable boosts of motivation, focus, and insight that would otherwise be lost amidst your busy day. Your done list acts as a signpost, a manifestation of all that day’s hard work. This flips an overwhelmed mindset into action mode to correct course, learn from mistakes, and ultimately make better progress. To start, ask yourself the following questions:

What did you get done today? Simply look back at your day through the lens of accomplishment. Answering this question becomes a quiet act of affirmation and celebration.

What did I make progress on today? Even on frustrating, seemingly unproductive days, you can almost always find one thing that you moved forward.

Your done list acts as a signpost, a manifestation of all that day’s hard work…

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