Getting rid of the bad to enjoy more good

Getting rid of the bad to enjoy more good

by Dr. Happy (aka Prof. Tim Sharp) 

This morning when I came in to work I noticed a dead branch on my office plant. I've had this plant for about 15 years now and it's survived holidays, forgetfulness and even downright neglect. 

But it's survived because despite the aforementioned problems it's still received much love and attention in the form of watering and even the occasional pruning. 

Which is what I did this morning – I removed the dead branch. 

Now this might not seem like a significant event to many of you but it saddened me to take a pair of scissors to a living entity to which I've been so close for over a decade now. But I did it knowing I was doing the right thing; the right thing being the removal of something bad to allow more room for that which is good. 

And it got me thinking…

…this also applies to other parts of my life. And I'm pretty sure it will apply to parts of your lives too. 

Do you have things or people or committments or anything in your life that's not brining happiness and/or that's just causing stress or pain? If so, does it or do they really need to be there? 

Cutting ties with people or obligations is not always easy but there are definitely times when it's the right thing to do. And it's right because it achieves two things: firstly, it removes negativity and secondly, it allows more positivity (e.g. time to focus on other endeavours of people or actitivies). 

So give some thought to what you migth be able to cut out of your life for more happiness…and then pick up a pair of scissors and cut away!