Happiness is knowing what’s REALLY important

Happiness is knowing what’s REALLY important

Yesterday I tweeted the following statement, a statement in which I implicitly believe…

Happiness is knowing a car is a car, a house is a house, and a friend is…gold

It came to me as I was walking into work and as I noticed a very smartly dressed man hop out of  a very nice, prestige car. 

Now although I like to dress nicely I'm not really a car person but it was still interesting, to me anyway, to note the thoughts that automatically started cycling through my mind about who this person must have been and the sort of life he must have lived. 

Until, that is, I caught myself and realised…

I don't really know ANYTHING AT ALL about this guy or his life!

Now this might sound blatantly obvious but how often do we judge others, or ourselves, based on minimal sources of information or superficial variables such as outward appearance and/or "brands" and "labels"? Very often I'd hasten to respond. 

And that's when the aforementioned belief arose through the murky waters of my mind; and that's when I realised that no matter what I own (or don't own) and no matter what I drive or wear etc my life is much more than that, and the quality of my life is much more about the people with whom I interact. 

The day preceding this I'd had a fantastically enjoyable lunch with a few very long term friends. It was great to catch up with them and thoroughly enjoyable talking about all the silly things good friends talk about. When I arrived home that night my wife could see the tangible happiness oozing out of my pores. 

So it's this I'd like you to contemplate today…

What's really important in life? Is it "stuff" or people? Is it "things" or experiences? 

Post your thougts on this very important happiness topic and your answers to these questions HERE on The Happiness Institute's Facebook Page. Thanks in advance (because appreciation and gratitude is also vitally important for happiness!)