Happiness is…believing you CAN change

Happiness is…believing you CAN change

On Saturday I ran a very successful and enjoyable workshop with 35+ fantastic people who all came along to learn how to live their best lives…and I think they all learned a thing or two which was very satisfying!

Along the way, an issue that repeatedly reared its head, as it so often does, is the question of change…

…but how do I get out of this rut? 

…how do I change these negative thoughts? 

…how do I change those relationships in my life that are causing me this distress? 

…how? How? How? 

It was clear that for some people, as I've realised many times before, that before the "how" must come something else; before we look at what they need to do we first need to look at whether or not they believe they can do it!

Because without that belief; without that self-efficacy and confidence…happiness will always be a struggle. Because happiness will always seem unobtainable if you're not happy with what you have and you don't believe you can change anything!

So we focused a lot, on Saturday, on boosting belief in change; on enhancing confidence that things can be different and better; and as a result many peeople left the room with a greater confidence and, no surprisingly, more positive emotion (including happiness)!

I'm going to write more about the mechanics of change some other time but my focus today is on asking one simple question…

…do you believe you can change (you and your life)? 

If yes, then share your strategies and ideas HERE on The Happiness Institute's Facebook Page. 

If no, then check out some of these resources HERE and services HERE and/or get in touch NOW because until you can believe in yourself and in your own ability to impact on your life and your environment happiness will always be elusive and most likely, very hard to obtain.