Happiness is…feeling good about yourself

Happiness is…feeling good about yourself

Wanting to feel good is not just a selfish endeavour because feeling good, more often than not (when defined properly) can lead to doing good. 

That is, happy people are also more altruistic people; happiness leads to generosity and lovingness and many, many more traits desired by most in our society. 

So what do you do to find happiness and to feel good about yourself? 

Personally, I…

  • re-focus on my goals

  • remind myself of my achievements

  • practice gratitude

  • do some exercise

  • engage in relfection and meditation

  • do something to or for a loved one

  • call a friend

  • use a strength

  • read something inspirational or…funny!

Feeling good tends then to increase my chances of doing something good (as noted above, something generous or kind or altruistic or constructive). So find happiness and find meaning; connect with yourself and you'll connect with others. 

What do you do to feel good about yourself?