Happiness lessons from recent coaching sessions

Happiness lessons from recent coaching sessions

When I teach happiness I learn happiness…

…as some of you may well know, as well as writing and speaking and doing all manner of other Happiness Institute related activities and tasks, I also devote some of my time to one of my greatest passions, coaching and/or providing therapy to others. This still gives me so much happiness and satisfaction that although I’m often too busy to think I can fit it in I make time for it because it’s so good for me!

If that sounds selfish then it is in a way but what’s good for me is also good for others; because I feel good when I’m doing good. And the amazing this is that when I’m teaching others about happiness I’m also learning about living a good life myself. Coaching and therapy (for me, anyway) work both ways such that it’s not just my clients who benefit!

So what have I learned lately from my coaching and therapy sessions…?

  • happiness is so good in so many ways
  • happiness can be experienced in so many ways (from joy and excitement through to calm and satisfaction via toughness and resilience and so much more)
  • helping others ultimately helps us too
  • helping us often leads to helping others
  • if only we could think more helpful and constructive thougths more often (and not get sucked in to myths and misconceptions, unrealistic expectations and distorted beliefs) so many of us would be so much happier so much more often
  • we can change
  • we can improve
  • we can achieve our goals and live healthier and happier lives

Now I know some of these might seem blatantly obvious to some of you and as I write them down they even seem a bit simplistic to me but…happiness for me often comes from realising the obvious, attending to the minutae of everyday life, being mindful of the normal and recognising that it’s often the little things that lead to the biggest return when it comes to investing in happiness.

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