Happiness lessons from…tennis: keep your eye on the ball!

Happiness lessons from…tennis: keep your eye on the ball!

Those of you who follow my/our work here at The Happiness Institute know that central to much of what we recommend for happiness is clarity around life goals, direction and purpose.

What’s really important?

What are your priorities for life?

Know the answers to these questions is vitally important for happiness; in fact those who’re clearer about these issues are undoubtedly happier and more successful.

Which is why I enjoyed this recent blog posting from Jon Gordon; although it’s not specifically about happiness it is, as I’m sure you’ll agree, very relevant and very appropriate for this context. Here’s an except…

I_ã_ve recently become addicted to tennis. Originally I was forced to play by my wife, who needed someone to practice with, and my son who at the age of 10 has decided he wants to be the next John McEnroe. But now I love the game and my goal is to be the first unranked 40+ man to win the US Open. : )

In my pursuit of greatness I_ã_ve taken a few lessons and when playing I try to implement what I_ã_ve learned. I tell myself:

Keep the racket low.

Move the feet.

Bend the knees.

Rotate the hips.

Low to high.

Follow through.

Don_ã_t pass out.

One day I thought I was doing everything right and yet I still wasn_ã_t hitting the ball well. What am I doing wrong I asked myself in frustration? I thought of all the advice I had shared in Training Camp, and laughed as I realized I had overlooked the obvious.

I was doing everything but keeping my eye on the ball. I was so caught up in trying to do everything else that I forgot the most important part of the game.

Read the full posting HERE and then set aside some time to ask yourself, for your own happiness and wellbeing, what’s the most important part of your game!