Applying a positive psycholog process for happiness in schools

Applying a positive psycholog process for happiness in schools

Positive Psychology News Daily – October 22, 2009

Relationships in Schools Matter – by John Yeager

_ã–We must look for what is good in an organization before we move forward. Where the organization wants to be is based on higher moments of where they have been._㝠David Cooperrider and Diana Whitney

Schools are complex environments with many factors and relationships, as well as people with different values, purposes, and ways of making meaning and finding happiness.

The Appreciative Inquiry process, developed by David Cooperrider and Diana Whitney, is essentially a positive psychology way to incorporate change in an organization that focuses on the _ã–high moments_㝠(such as those when positive emotions like happiness are experienced) of people and which values this complexity. Appreciative Inquiry can help people develop healthy relationships by mobilizing and building high quality connections between students and students, teachers and teachers, teachers and students, parents and students, and teachers and parents.

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