2 Science-Backed Ways To Harness A Hyper-Focused ‘State Of Flow’

2 Science-Backed Ways To Harness A Hyper-Focused ‘State Of Flow’

One of the most interesting contributors to happiness is flow.

Flow is a central construct within Positive Psychology, and one that has been found to be highly correlated with happiness.

That is, more flow equals more happiness.

Flow is fascinating because it balances effort and ease, striving and being. To learn more about it and how to enjoy it more, read on …

via Forbes by Mark Travers

A new study published in Personality and Individual Differences explores how metacognition, which is the awareness of your own thought processes, can help you use flow states to your advantage.

“Flow” is a state of deep concentration and absorption in an activity that is intrinsically rewarding to you. Essentially, this is what we mean when we say we are “in the zone.” You may become so engrossed in a task that strikes the perfect balance between challenge and capability that you lose all sense of time.

“Flow metacognition” refers to a person’s awareness of being in a state of flow, and includes beliefs about the state and its consequences, as well as strategies for achieving and maintaining it.

“As flow is more frequently experienced in achievement contexts — study, work, sports and structured leisure — I focused my research on what we call the ‘productive side of flow,’ that is the opportunity that the flow state offers to enhance one’s cognitive productivity and performance in challenging contexts,” explains psychologist Giovanni Moneta of London Metropolitan University, one of the authors of the study.

“I wanted to understand what makes some individuals so remarkably capable of entering and exiting a deep flow state depending on the requirements of the situation and apparently without exerting any effort.”

The study revealed that tapping into this potent state of mind isn’t just about recognizing its existence or extolling its virtues. Rather, it’s about mastering specific mental strategies.

In this context, two primary flow metacognitions have emerged as vital for enhancing productivity …

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