5 tips to break free of negative thoughts

5 tips to break free of negative thoughts

Positive thinking isn’t the only thing that will lead to happiness.

But it’s certainly a good one; and there’s no doubt that negative thinking won’t lead you there at any time.

Happiness means different things to different people; but learning how to break free of negative thoughts is something all of us looking for more happiness could benefit from.

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via Pick the Brain by Julie Potiker

We all get lost in thought from time to time, but sometimes those thoughts feel downright overwhelming. If we don’t take specific action to stop the thought loop, it can throw off our whole day. Whether you suffer from anxiety, mild depression, or you just woke up in a funk, mindfulness can help. Try one or all of these tips for yourself and see what a difference mindfulness can make.

  1. Become an observer: Slow down and notice what is arising. “Oh, that’s anger in my chest,” or “That’s anxiety in my stomach.” Labeling the emotion gives you some space from the intensity of the thoughts and feelings you’re experiencing, allowing you to observe them instead of being hijacked by them.
  2. Try meditation: Even if you’re not an experienced meditator, there are so many ways to dip your toe in these days — including trying meditations that are just a few short minutes long. Meditation slows you down and calms you down. You can get started with some of my free guided meditations here on the Insight Timer App. (Learn more about the benefits of meditation in published research in the Journal of the American Heart Association. For an exploration of brain changes when studying meditators, see this 2013 study and this research from the early ‘90s.)

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