Vulnerability can help you get closer to the important people in your life

Vulnerability can help you get closer to the important people in your life

If happiness is about good quality relationships, which it is.

And if happiness is about being vulnerable and authentic, which it is.

The happiness can come from being vulnerable with the important people in your life…

via TED Ideas by Mary Halton

It’s time to give up on chasing perfection and embrace our uniquely individual quirks and imperfections, says author Chidera Eggerue.

We humans are pretty excellent at telling other people what to do — but not so excellent at following our own advice. Case in point: When friends and family confide they’re anxious about what to say or do at a party, most of us tell them, “Just be yourself! People will love you.”

Yet while we urge them to be authentic, we sand away our own rough edges, worried that if we’re not perfect, no one will like us.

London-based author and blogger Chidera Eggerue, aka The Slumflower, is tired of chasing perfection, so she’s … just stopped doing that. As she puts it, “Everybody essentially is going to be messy forever, [so] I’m trying to be the best mess. I’m trying to be like, Mm-hmm, my hair’s a bit tangled, but I like this hairstyle. You know my shoes are a bit tight? I like these shoes. One of the diamanté bits on my dress is falling off, but I like this dress.”

What does it mean to be a beautiful mess? As Eggerue says: “It’s an understanding that regardless of how I show up, I’m enough because I said so.”

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