The 5 most important behaviours for a happy relationship

The 5 most important behaviours for a happy relationship

Happiness is not a solo-sport.

Happiness is about connectedness and relationships.

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When the biggest happiness study of all time tracked more than 200 men for 75 years, what did it determine was the biggest driver of well-being and life satisfaction? In the pithy and poignant words of the study’s original director: “Happiness is love. Full stop.”

No wonder then that scientists have spend decades digging in to how to make romantic partnerships work. (If you’re a more mercenary sort, I could also note that a strong partnership is also closely tied to career success.) All of this research has generated a library’s worth of papers, reports, and articles.

The abundance of tips and recommendations is itself a challenge. In this sea of advice, which techniques and behaviors really have the most impact? Helpfully, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign professor Brian Ogolsky has waded through more than 1,000 studies from 50 years of research on the subject, so you don’t have to.

His efforts generated a massive 17 tips, which you can read all about in this Time article. But 17 is a lot to take on. Which tips are the best of the best? Further research done by Ogolsky and highlighted by PsyBlog has boiled it down to just five essential behaviors.

1. Openness

It probably won’t come as much of a surprise to happy, long-term couples that reams of research suggest talking about your feelings and insisting your partner does the same is one of the keys of relationship success…

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