5 ways to become more mentally tough

5 ways to become more mentally tough

Happiness isn’t about being happy ALL the time.

And happiness isn’t just about focusing on the good and enjoying the good times.

Happiness is about positive emotion and gratitude and attitude and more…but it’s also about coping with challenges and bouncing back from adversity well.

Happiness is, therefore, also about mental toughness…

via Business Insider by Amy Morin

New Year’s resolutions aren’t particularly effective—in fact, most people give them up by mid-January. The reason resolutions fail is because people set big goals to change their lives without working on the mental strength they’ll need to succeed.

So this year, as the resolution you set on December 31st falls by the wayside, don’t be too hard on yourself. Instead, take a step back and commit to building the mental muscle you need to achieve your goals.

Here are five things you can start doing now to make yourself mentally stronger this year…

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