If you haven’t set your 2018 goals yet, or even if you have, ask yourself these key questions before doing anything else!

If you haven’t set your 2018 goals yet, or even if you have, ask yourself these key questions before doing anything else!

Happiness. Success. Goals, 2018…

…are you all set to go? Have you already started?

Either way, if you really want to achieve your 2018 goals, and enjoy as much happiness and success as you deserve, then before going any further you really should ask yourself these 7 questions…

via Forbes by Henna Inam

The end of December is a great time to step back to reflect on the year before the frenzy of a new year starts again. One of the activities I cherish the most (and recommend to my executive coaching clients) is to do a personal year-end review.

Doing a personal review is critical before you set new year goals because it helps you set smarter goals . You can assess what’s important and tap into your motivators to help you achieve those goals. It is also critical to setting more authentic goals that are in alignment with values and priorities.

Here are seven questions I recommend we each ask ourselves:

What were moments of greatest joy and fulfillment? This is a great question to start with as it puts us in a positive and appreciative state of mind. It helps us reflect on what is good in our lives as well as gives us insight on what’s fulfilling to us. As we reflect on the people and activities that brought us this fulfillment we learn about what energizes us in both our personal and professional lives. We may find clues to our leadership purpose (link) within what serves others while also energizing us. We remind ourselves about what we want more of in the coming year.

What was challenging? As we reflect on the challenges we faced, we can remind ourselves that life doesn’t always bring us what we desire. We also remind ourselves that we can be resilient in the face of challenge. Our taking time to acknowledge challenges can also help unlock difficult emotions which we may have avoided. As we process this emotion, we recognize that some of our best qualities of courage, perseverance, patience, selflessness, grace, and strength are borne out of challenge. Without those challenges we wouldn’t be who we are today. This question helps us notice and honor our qualities of character, celebrate who are becoming, and be more grounded in values that are important to us…

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