Want to accomplish more? Stop getting organised and do this instead…

Want to accomplish more? Stop getting organised and do this instead…

We know that happiness comes at least in part, from achievement and accomplishment.

And so for more happiness, it’s not a bad idea to try to get more done.

But getting just anything done won’t make you happy; you have to get the right things done! Which is why this article is such a good one to read if you want more meaningful happiness in your life…

via Inc.com by Danny Iny

While we have more time-saving devices than any other generation, we’ve become obsessed with productivity: doing more things, and doing them better, in less time.

We turn to technology. Millions of people are using dozens of apps to organize to-do lists, take notes, and do whatever else they think they need to get stuff done.

Productivity books are published every year. More than 1.6 million copies of David Allen’s book, Getting Things Done, have been sold. It has a cult following and has inspired everything from apps to office supplies to training courses.

Speaking of courses, Google “productivity course” and you’ll get 114 million results. Udemy alone has over 100 productivity courses. And while some can be completed in one hour, others can take up to six hours to complete!

And there lies the problem.

The Problem with Striving to Become More Productive
All this struggle to become more productive eats up a lot of our time and energy. And while we’re busy hacking our productivity, our competitors are out there doing awesome things.

Consider this:

The 2015 edition of Getting Things Done is 352 pages long. If you’re a fast reader, you could finish it in four hours or so. Still, that’s at least half a day gone.

Downloading an app is fast, but the next question is how long will it take you to learn how it works and how to use it?

And then it takes time to get yourself organized and set things up so you can actually implement the new system. Depending on which method you’re using, this may entail a trip to the office supply store to buy color-coded folders, pens, and other doodads.

This leads me to wonder if getting organized is really the problem…

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