Another great reminder of the simple things we can do to create more happiness

Another great reminder of the simple things we can do to create more happiness

via the Huffington Post by Evelyn Fiske

If there is one main lesson that I have learned in my 20-year-old life, especially in college, it is the importance of being truly happy. Now, I don't mean smiling and burying away the painful emotions you have and pretending that everything is okay. I am talking about the importance of being able to say, "I am completely happy with my life right now" and actually meaning it.

Unfortunately in today's society there are so many elements of our life that we are supposed to have completely under control and perfect. However, the best advice that I can give someone (because someone amazing once said it to me) is to not forget about your imperfections, but also not to obsess over them. What I mean by this is if you are not completely happy with something in your life, find a way to change it, without making it your absolutely only priority and becoming miserable if you don't achieve an amazing outcome on your first try.

We all have dreams of our "perfect" body, or our dream lifestyle but the reality is, we are always going to be craving something more. Have you ever realized that once you achieve something you have always wanted to, you don't even take the time to appreciate it? Instead you just quickly move on to the next thing that you can change or make better. Well, I am guilty of this because I sure have done this too many times. In the process of growing up, I have learned that doing this is what destroys us, not taking the time to realize how far we've come and only focusing on how much further we have to go.

Life is far too short to beat ourselves up over the imperfections. In order to gain a happy lifestyle, it is important to focus on the small accomplishments, no matter how little they might be in the bigger picture.

Here are some tips that I try to follow to help me live the happiest lifestyle possible…

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