11 ideas for the most inspirational mornings!

11 ideas for the most inspirational mornings!

via the Huffington Post by Elyse Santilli

According to the ancient Advaita philosophy, the morning has a special energetic quality to it – it's still, peaceful and enlightened in nature.

This makes it the perfect time to set intentions, connect with your inner spirit and meditate.

Creating a morning ritual incorporating some of these elements can help ensure you go out into the world feeling calm, centered and purposeful.

Ready to shake up your morning routine? Here are 11 inspiring ideas for your morning ritual. You might like to try mixing and matching your top three.

1. Consciously choose your first thought of the day.

When you wake up, does your mind automatically begin planning, worrying and ruminating about the day ahead?

Take back control by beginning your day with a short mantra or prayer – it will keep your mind calm and set the tone for your morning.

You may wish to say: Thank you for this beautiful new day. How can I serve the cause of love today?

2. Practice being present and mindful.

This is another great way to prevent your mind from automatically speeding up and churning like a washing machine.

Connect with the present moment by feeling the soft bedsheets against your skin; feeling your feet on the floor as you take your first steps; and listening for morning sounds around you.

3. Visualize your desires.

Spend a few moments visualizing your ideal day, or your grander vision for your dream life. You may even have a vision board to help you do this.

Feel the feeling of already having what you desire and give thanks in advance for it coming into your life…

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