You HAVE to read this list – 5 things happy people DON’T worry about!

You HAVE to read this list – 5 things happy people DON’T worry about!

Happiness comes to those who focus more on…what they can be grateful for, the important people in their life, health and wellbeing, real priorities, doing good to and for others, and a positive future (amongst other things). 

But happiness also comes to those who don't focus on, or who focus much less on the following worries…

by Leigh Haugh

Are you a happy person? The concept of happiness is more complicated than you might think. However, it is a concept that everyone can relate to and hopes to achieve in their lifetime. How do we obtain happiness? How do happy people think and process information? How do happy people view the world differently? Sometimes we unintentionally create obstacles of our own making that prevent us from attaining happiness. It is important to explore our own behavior and habits in order to discover how we are limiting ourselves, so we can fully achieve happiness and maintain it.

An essential aspect in achieving happiness lies within a person’s perspective. Happy and unhappy people view the world via completely different viewpoints. Here are five things that do not worry happy people, but may distress or concern unhappy people to no end.

1. Gossip – While unhappy people may feel the need to gossip, happy people are rarely interested in such activities. That is because happy people are fulfilled and satisfied with their lives, while unhappy people need to fill voids and compensate for their shortcomings.

2. Negative Thinking and Attitudes – There is such a thing as a “Negative Ned or Nancy.” We all know people like this–they are miserable people, who are always complaining about various issues and/or other people. Often, it is all they talk about; it may even consume their lives. While, on the other end of the spectrum, we have the super optimistic people who are constantly looking for more out of life and view the glass as half full. While it is always good to view the world positively and focus on the good, there is a middle ground between “Pessimism Penny” and “Eternal Sunshine Susie.” It is wise to interject some realism into the equation and keep your expectations grounded. It will directly affect your happiness since you are focusing on the good, but not exceeding your expectations, which could result in disappointment…

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