How’d you like to make happiness your default setting in 3 easy steps?

How’d you like to make happiness your default setting in 3 easy steps?

For some, happiness comes easily. 

For most of us, we need to work at it. 

But if you work at it right, happiness can come more easily and in fact, with these 3 simple steps it's possible to make happiness your default setting! 

Check out this Huffington Post article by Naomi Goodlet…

How frequently do you actually have sustained feelings of happiness, joy, gratitude or love? They come and go, but you don't feel them all the time. What if you could?

You have work to do, projects that require your attention, people in your life to care for, not to mention all the other stuff that chews up your time: grocery shopping, driving, paying bills, exercising, food preparation, cleaning, the list goes on!

We spend so much of our time doing things interspersed with moments of happiness. Have you ever stopped to take note of what you default setting feels like? I challenge you to begin to pay attention to how you feel while you're doing all the things that are required of you.

When I first did this I noticed that I wasn't unhappy but I certainly wasn't bubbling with joy either.

How would your life be different if happiness was your default setting? (yes, even when you're working?!) I'm talking about bringing joy with you into your life rather than expecting life to make you feel joy.

Here's my three steps to make happiness your default setting so that you can bring it with you and spread it around everywhere you go.

1) Notice things to feel happy about.

You probably already do this to some extent, but once you start making a conscious choice to do it more often you can find happiness in things where there was previously none. Simple things like drinking clean water, talking to a good friend or filling up your car with fuel can fill you with gratitude and joy.

When you make it your intention to look for and pay attention to the good things in your life you might be surprised at how easy it is!

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