Are these 5 things stopping you living your best possible life?

Are these 5 things stopping you living your best possible life?

So many more of us could live such better lives. 

So many more of us could enjoy more health, happiness and success. 

So many of us get in our own way! 

Check out this great article by Ella Ceron, from Though Catalog, and see if you're making any of these common mistakes…

1. You don’t think you deserve what you say you want.

“Deserve” is a funny concept. (There’s a wonderful quote from Zadie Smith’s White Teeth that talks about whether or not people deserve the love they think they want.) You could make a million cases for whether or not any one person deserves any one thing, and while there are laws that bolster some of these things, most of the time, it’s a matter of perspective. But if you don’t believe in yourself — which is to say, if you don’t honestly think you are worthy of whatever dream you harbor deep inside you — why would you ever earn it? Prove to the world that you deserve something, and that you’re willing to work harder than anyone else has ever worked for it, and chances are good you’ll wind up with it. You just can’t make yourself work half that hard if you’re questioning your worth every step of the way.

2. You let people dissuade you because what you want is not what they want.

A lot of life is about compromise. You have to live with other people, you have their goals to consider and work around — especially if it’s someone you love and share a life with — and if your dream life involves something that uproots more than your own world, then you’re going to have to make sure other people are okay with it. But if you think you want to be a doctor because your parents want you to be a doctor (and not because you actually, y’know, want to be a doctor) getting that diploma is going to be a whole lot harder than if your desire was genuine. It might be tough to break it to your parents that you want to do something completely illogical, but if you’re aware of the obstacles in your way and if you really want to devote your time to overcoming them, you never know where you’ll end up…

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